Pronounce French Wines

You no longer have to stumble and mumble through your pronunciation of  French wines at a restaurant.You no longer have to anglicise the sound to make yourself feel comfortable.This video pronounces the most common wines for you, explains the wine regions and if you are really keen you can practise the 200 odd wines on this video. It’s not just about wines, though. It’s about pronunciation and ease of speaking. Learning how to pronounce wines will automatically help you to master sounds and combinations of sounds in French. If you can get Beaujolais right you won’t have much trouble with il est beau, merci beaucoup, Elle est jolie,  frais, il fait frais. The wine pronunciation will make you more at ease with  your pronunciation in French.

Parts of the body

picture with word la tete Teaching the parts of the body can be a short term , quick reward activity because students tend to remember body parts quite well. They still need help with remembering ALL of them though and that is quite a list. StudyStack has some flashcards to get started with. You can also go to Lexiquefle and download the sound practice for body parts. You can also do the practice online. The downloaded files work on Windows but I cannot seem to open and run Mac version on the Mac. I am using the Windows version under Wine.

Opening a wine bottle with a shoe

Okay, this one is probably for adult learners of French and for teachers. The little video of How to open a wine bottle with a shoe is extraordinary! It’s helpful, useful, the French is clear and easy to follow. If you are learning French there are plenty of words which you will pick up along with the novel tip of opening your wine bottle with a shoe! It’s worth going to because it does trawl for good videos and some of them are in French. The videos are always a bit different so they create an enthusiasm factor for you without your even having to try.