Eddie Izzard – Learning French

*** Language alert – “f” word ***

Eddie Izzard is playing to an adult audience in America and the fact he can do this routine incorporating French tells us how much our world had changed and how important it is to become at least bilingual and not only do your brain a favour, but create a bit of cultural togetherness. He makes a good point about how school French can be quite useless in a real context. He does that really well . It is something I ensure I don’t do and the clip has reminded me to keep context and authenticity intact in my class. He has also shown that as a British comedian he is prepared to build on his linguistic knowledge to further develop his career but you can see how well it serves him even in an anglophone context.


Et en plus , je parle français

Moi aussi! French is very widely spoken throughout the world and the video makes a very valid point . We all haves skills and expertise in so many different areas…and then we speak other languages as well. That is how it is in 2017.

Why learn French

Why learn French?This assignment was very enthusiastically endorsed by my year 9s. They said it was the best project based learning ever. it gave them a chance to show off the skills and knowledge they had learnt throughout the year and their videos and presentations were very high calibre. They had loved it and they loved seeing what the other presentations were like. This learning just sold itself so I am sharing it with you. I was really impressed with how my French these presentations used and how many tools the students had accessed to create their products.Bear in mind we have done 3 other projects on things like Paris, Quebec and fashion to give them a chance to hone their skills. You can download a copy of the assignment here:

Why learn French 2013?

Why learn French?

Why learn French This colourful, informative flyer has been prepared for Victorian students in Australia but the content would be relevant in a number of places, French is one of the world languages and has significance because of that. If it is coupled with other language knowledge and capability then it serves the functions of increasing communication in a connected world. I actually have a class this year where we swap from French to English or German to help facilitate communication and understanding. It is the first time I have actually taught trilingually and is very funny and successful. The ones who know English and French are starting to pick up on German and the German speakers are increasing their English and French because we do use their language sometimes to clarify – or just have fun. The Consulat General à Houston also has a flyer which gives 10 really good reasons for learning French.

Why learn French ?

Image: FPSi Half the world speaks French. It is widely taught and widely spoken. It increases your international connections and knowledge. Elizabeth Caspari ahs a really good slide presentation about why you should learn French. If you are on this blog you could probably add another reason yourself as to why you should learn French. I am impressed with how a number of countries are now producing multilingual children and it has as much to do with their parents as it does their education. We live in a global village and most nations can see that and put it into practice by meeting others half way. You do that by talking their language or finding a way of facilitating communication. One parent interview I did this year we did in French, German and English because I didn’t speak the language of the parents but we could communicate with each other in our shared languages depending upon what we were trying to say. FPSi also has a great deal of useful information about France and some lovely maps – even one on UFO sightings!

Why learn French?

French is a major language in the real world and on the internet and so it becomes a good language to use to smooth communication. Increasingly employers are looking for people with language skills and so French is a good language to offer. There are so many reasons and most of them are listed here on this very comprehensive site. Learning a language adds to thinking, literacy and communication skills. On an international , global market using languages is essential. French is a good start because so many people know French and can help you.