Petit déjeuner français

Nothing like hearing real French people talking about their real French breakfast and seeing it at the same time! Miam! Miam! This way you can learn the vocabulary in context. If you are looking for vocabulary for le  petit déjeuner you can find it on francaisfacile.

Mon application Rappels

RappelsRappels is an iOS application which I run on my MacBook. My MacBook is running in French so Rappels is running in French. I don’t use it as a reminder application. I use it to teach what the students don’t know. When they want to know how to spell or say something I put it in Rappels.  I can then bring up a whole list of what they needed to know . I can then practice it , make a little test, use the vocabulary in some other way. It really helps teaching according to student needs and to have customised , current learning lists.

Maison à vendre

I imagine this house has sold by now. The video finishes at about the 4 minute mark. It’s the video I want for my Year 10s. It will refresh their house vocabulary, give them a chance to look at a real house in France and it happens to be in Bretagne. We’ll be looking at Bretagne this term. People think of France and then Paris. We look at Paris but I like to take my students to other areas of France. They are then going to make a video to sell a house in French and they’ll need to write more than is on this video, but it’s a good start and the way it introduces the area is good. There is a lot to learn when you do house vocabulary, so this is a gentle refresher.

Réchauffement climatique

rechauffement By now we have done quite a lot of work on climate change and my students are managing the vocabulary and expressions well because we keep hearing and seeing them. Memrise, which is is very good online learning site, had a section on Le réchauffement climatique vocabulaire . My students enjoyed doing it on their laptops and getting their little certificates of achievement. They all did it in less than 10 minutes and could then be even more confident as they prepared their written assignments.

Le petit bac

petit bac
Sport – le rugby
Le petit bac is an easy game to play to build vocabulary. Students really like to find the words. It is better with classes who have a sound grasp of French because you need a passive vocabulalry to draw on. Le petit bac en ligne will give you 7 random categories and the letters you need for the words. The first to finish is the winner. it’s a good filler activity but you need at least 15 minutes. The petit bac site gives you the categories and the letters and students can then do it individually on a computer or you can put it on the board and work with it as a class. This site offers other quizzes but you need to have a good grasp of French and French culture to complete the activities. It’s a sound knowledge builder. My senior students really responded well to this game.