160 dialogues en français

This is such a good idea for building confidence in speaking conversational French. Each slide focuses on one thing and then several slides make a logical conversation. The French is good quality as is the sound and so you can tailor the amount of content to the class you have or the amount of French you can learn in one go. So helpful to hear French in context at normal spoken speed.

Français authentique

Johan has branched out into You Tube and is bringing regular videos to help you learn to understand and speak French more authentically. He has developed some very useful and helpful podcasts which he is still doing but the videos are something else you can add to your repertoire when you are trying to master French. You need some knowledge of the language . They will refresh rusty French as well as increase a better understanding if you have been learning French for a while.

French Oral Exam practice

This is a pretty good video of how you might manage the end of year orals in your final exams. It is a genuine attempt to help other students and works well.

French pronounciation guide

At this point Forvo is in its developmental stage but you can see how it is likely to progress. It is covering so many languages and native speakers are pronouncing words so that you have an authentic model to follow. Geolocation is helping to create a knowledge bank of regional accents but that may not be accurate since so many people travel and relocate these days. I am certain Forvo will become a powerful language tool and it will help preserve and build linguistic knowledge banks. You can download the sound files as MP3 files so you could create vocab lists to study on your computer or MP3 player. Very handy!