The imperfect tense in French is easy to learn because the endings are straight forward. This video  by Vincent explains the complexity of its use well in French and then you need to remember you need to master the difference in usage between the imparfait and the passé composé. Initially it can be a bit confusing for learners but constant practice and paying attention to usage is the way to do it.

le conditionnel


This is a very clear explanation in French by digiSchool of the ways in which you use the conditional in French. To support this you need and video of how you  form the conditional endings. You can get that here.

futur simple

This explains the futur simple in French. It is handy because it looks at the exceptions and the verbs  where you need to be more careful with the spelling. If you want an English explanation of the futur simple there is one here.

Memes for the future

chatWe are learning the futur simple. We made memes of this today to put on our blogs. Such a good way to focus on the futur simple. We also used the saying “quand les poules auront des dents” and made our own version. There are more images  to use for practice on Isabelle Kessadjian’s blog . My students really enjoyed this meme activity. Chat, my favourite cartoon character, just sums it all up!


Quand je serai grand

Go Learn!!


GoLearn offers some useful practice in verb conjugation which you can do straight on your IWB or students could practice by themselves. It’s not fancy, but it is good solid practice with a number of options. If you explore the GoLearn site you will find it has a number of resources you might find helpful to support teaching and learning French.