Practise a dialogue


I did this  podcastfrancaisfacile dialogue as a warm up exercise with my senior students today. We could listen to the dialogue – twice- and then do our own version of it which referred tot he films we had seen in the last couple of weeks. It was helpful, reinforced vocabulary and made them feel very confident orally. I have a different dialogue ready to go with my year 10s tomorrow. This is a really good way to build up oral skills. Students can also access this site out of class and practise some more. Some dialogues you can download to practice on your own devices.

Le Petit Prince

This is one of the best loved and most translated stories on the planet. To have access to such a beautifully read version of it is the cherry on the cake. The pronunciation is extremely clear. The official site is here.  There is an electronic version of it here.

French for Free

Frenchspanishonline has always been a good site for learning French. You can learn other  European languages as well if you want to . The little video explains very clearly what the resources are and what the new ones are that have been added. If you are trying to learn French it is one of the very reliable, useful and very helpful sites. You can also find it on Facebook and Twitter.

Les jours de la semaine

les jours de la semaine Les jours de la semaine from the Français Facile site was perfect for first lesson today. My year 8s are just learning French. They haven’t done it before so we are learning as much as we can so they feel competent. This exercise has everything recorded and pronounced. They could work out from the images what the French meant and they could learn the days of the week quickly. They copied the information and drew some great little pictures to go with it. It made them realise that sound, words and images make it really easy to pick up another language. I ran the page over our network without a hitch. It is not a resource hungry page so it loads and views really easily.

My Languages

My LanguagesThe My Languages site has a lot of useful basic vocabulary for French with sound files which is even better. It is the sort of site you could get students to use for homework practice or you could use it in a lesson on the whiteboard as a transition or start up activity which would make really good use of a small amount of time.

** the link to the My Langages site appears not to be working. I’ll leave the post incase they are having server problems or something of that nature. So your trip is not wasted, I’ll point you to the Australian MyLanguage site where there is a lot of information in other languages, including French to help our citizens and some of it may be useful in your classroom. You may like to look at some of the scholarships on offer as well.

frenchtasticpeople Frenchtasticpeople is a very enthusiastic and comprehensive site created by an instructor at the University of Minnesota. There is so much to help you learn French and everything has a sound file. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to learn French ,brush up on your French or you just want the chance to hear some French to keep up your accent. There is a lot to choose from so be sure to check the pages and the tabs. The site supports you as a learner and offers every possible way of helping you to do your best to be better at French.

Learn French with video

WonderHowTo currently has over 700 videos to help you learn French or brush up on your French. At this stage they seem to be for beginners but as the site grows there will be other videos for other levels I am sure. I am bookmarking this site as it will be a great way to add interest to my lessons with my new students.