Folle, folle ,folle

Great song to do with students when you are doing the weather. Very few words, clear  pronunciation and a tune which has them singing along easily. Une pluine est une petite pluie – that misty rain you get sometimes. The song and lyrics are very atmospheric! You can find the lyrics here.

Aux Champs Elysées

Aux Champs Elysées has been a perennial favourite with my students. They love to sing along. They can when the lyrics are right there in front of them and Joe Dassin sings so clearly. It’s a great way to learn a language naturally.

Peace and Life – ALIIFE

With its cheerfulness and message of hope this cannot fail to be a good choice for the classroom. ALIIFE are influenced by the Korean music scene and singers like Psy with his Gangnam Style. Again they are based in Paris and are widely represented in social media.  There do not appear to be any lyrics I can share with you for this song.

Gaston le téléfon qui son

This video clip can teach students about a really famous French singer from the 60s – Nino Ferrer, Gaston the very popular French cartoon character and then  some good French words. Nino Ferrer could take ordinary things in French life and make them hits so he is a critical part of French musical pop culture development. The music is very dated but the song goes along at a pace students can follow and they will even start to sing it. It is part of our telephone conversations unit. The words are here.

J’aime les fruits

My Year 8s will sing along quite spontaneously to the Alain Le Lait songs. They are perfect for helping students feel at home in their new language and they remember the words.

Plastic Bertrand – ça plane pour moi

PLastic Bertrand may have been a one hit Belgian wonder but his song is never forgotten, never far away and always appreciated by the new generation of students. There is version with the lyrics here.

Toi plus moi – Grégoire

This song has lovely lyrics and though it has a simple view of the world, it is uplifting and encouraging. Students really appreciate the video clip and the sentiments expressed. There is a version with the lyrics here.