Pronounce French Wines

You no longer have to stumble and mumble through your pronunciation of  French wines at a restaurant.You no longer have to anglicise the sound to make yourself feel comfortable.This video pronounces the most common wines for you, explains the wine regions and if you are really keen you can practise the 200 odd wines on this video. It’s not just about wines, though. It’s about pronunciation and ease of speaking. Learning how to pronounce wines will automatically help you to master sounds and combinations of sounds in French. If you can get Beaujolais right you won’t have much trouble with il est beau, merci beaucoup, Elle est jolie,  frais, il fait frais. The wine pronunciation will make you more at ease with  your pronunciation in French.

Qui est là?

Good way to teach French and personal safety! You surely wouldn’t just invite  in a random person who says they are a postman?! Using little teaching snippets like this not only improves knowledge of and facility with French it can be a nice way to teach social skills and have a laugh at the same time. The expressions are useful and can be repeated . The video repeats them a number of times but so cn the teacher. In 10 minutes students would be able to say something useful in French without too much trouble.

Listen to the words

frenchsound  Mylanguages has some good vocabulary and expression lists with pronunciation so that new and not so new students of French can hear and practice new words. There are also links to other helpful sites for learning French.

Podcast français facile

podcast français facile Podcast français facile is more than a podcast. There is a complete and comprehensive linguistic approach to learning French which would support any individual or classroom. The texts can be shown on the white board ,they can be set for homework or viewed by individuals. The texts are cross referenced to grammar support and then the texts are read slowly and at normal speed. There are texts and videos for all levels of French. This is a really helpful and well thought out site.

French Pronunciation

French Pronunciation This FLC site works well on any OS and so when you are first learning French or you wish to work on your pronunciation skills you have a very organised approach to the sounds in French and you can hear and pronounce them. Forvo will help you with the pronunciation of individual words and is going to become an invaluable tool. French at Online is also very helpful for pronunciation but not if you do not have flash or your network blocks it.

French pronounciation guide

At this point Forvo is in its developmental stage but you can see how it is likely to progress. It is covering so many languages and native speakers are pronouncing words so that you have an authentic model to follow. Geolocation is helping to create a knowledge bank of regional accents but that may not be accurate since so many people travel and relocate these days. I am certain Forvo will become a powerful language tool and it will help preserve and build linguistic knowledge banks. You can download the sound files as MP3 files so you could create vocab lists to study on your computer or MP3 player. Very handy!