French and Spanish teaching resources is a site I have used in class and the language tools available for French have been very suitable for my high school students. They have learned happily and effectively with them. The site also offers teaching and learning resources for Spanish. It is not unusual these days for people to be working in two languages and learning two similar languages simultaneously. We have a need for multilingual people because of global connections and the internet. French and Spanish are good languages to learn at the same time. One of the things the site offers is a chance to connect globally with other students learning the same language as you are. You can do that as a student or teacher. Teachers, students or classes can make a video and share it with others to help them learn. it is a great opportunity for authentic learning.


Aux Champs Elysées

Aux Champs Elysées has been a perennial favourite with my students. They love to sing along. They can when the lyrics are right there in front of them and Joe Dassin sings so clearly. It’s a great way to learn a language naturally.

Pourquoi apprendre le français?

My students have always enjoyed using PowToon. The free version is not at all limiting. To find this video created in PowToon about the benefits of learning French shows you how versatile and useful PowToon can be.

Test your French Level

This French test is prepared by the site French avec nous where Pierre and his wife help you to learn French. The You Tube channel supports that site. French avec nous is designed as a site to help English speakers in particular learn French. Pierre also has a site:

Français avec Pierre

which is designed to help those who have already some knowledge of French.

Hier matin

This is the first of a trilogy of videos where you hear real French people talking about what they did – yesterday, at the weekend and then what they did on holidays. The third video doesn’t have such good sound but the first two are clear and would reinforce very easily the things you learn and teach in class. Talking about what you did is fundamental to general conversation and how you engage naturally with others.

Comprehensive French language resource

connectigramme It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or teacher of French. Connectigramme is a very well organised site for explaining and teaching everything you wanted to know about French. It is not a fancy site but the resources are clear, useful, usable and thorough. Clarity is everything with language learning and teaching. It is a good revision site and then a good site to get the resources you need to present content clearly.

Le Petit Prince

This is one of the best loved and most translated stories on the planet. To have access to such a beautifully read version of it is the cherry on the cake. The pronunciation is extremely clear. The official site is here.  There is an electronic version of it here.