Prononciation de la voyelle française / ø /


frenchsounds explains carefully and clearly in French how to pronounce particular French sounds. The phonetic ø represents the sound in ceux, peu, yeux, bœuf  and so on. It can be a hard sound for some people to master. Not this way! You can hear it. You can see how the mouth is shaped and you can practise like a French person! Felipe P speaks very clearly and well so I do not think you will have trouble getting the sound right.

How to pronounce the French R


Alexa is a lovely French woman who has produced a number of videos and podcasts to help people learn French. She loves teaching her own language to others. This video about the French R is very important. It is a sound which so many people have to master in French. Alexa shows how to do it and then gives it plenty of practice so that by the end of the video there should be a feeling of achievement. Once you get it , you don’t forget it. Getting it takes time for some people but they will get it. I have always spent lesson time practising the French R and it has always been one of the fun things to do in a spare 5 minutes. The more you do it , the better you get. Alexa gives you a sound amount of 5 minute practice. The other thing I like about this video is you can see very clearly how Alexa is moving her face and mouth to pronounce the sounds. That is so important.

How good are you at French?

Needless to say, I got A+ on this! So easy and so pleasant. A great little quiz to help my junior students get off to a happy start in the new term. Nothing like success and short term quick reward to create a positive start to the lesson. This quiz has been well thought out for beginners and those just mastering some language skills in French. French quiz

Visiter un collège à Grenoble

A nice video to start the year with my younger students at secondary school. The video is all in French but the students would be able to recognise many of the words. They will be able to see a cantine, inside a real French classroom, what a real French timetable looks like and then the inimitable game of babyfoot! It will match very nicely with the topic se présenter.

French for Beginners

Learn French Curious is a video learning site which offers free and paid videos so that you can learn what is on offer. It has an iPad/iPhone app and offers and number of videos for learning the basics in French which would be useful to show in class, for students to teach themselves or you could set them for homework. A number of languages are covered so please let your language learning friends know. Some of the videos are about 5 minutes and you can deliberately choose short ones . Others are around 20 minutes.

Se présenter

This is a great video to build on all the work you do in the early years to teach students how to introduce themselves. If you use the search box on this blog you’ll find there are a number of things I have done in class to teach students how to introduce themselves. It is so important they can do that capably and comfortably so the more ways you have of showing them how it is done, the more opportunities they have to learn the associated vocabulary. A GREEN MOUSE (@1AGreenMouse) has done a wonderful job constructing this video because it has captions, a translation and it is pronounced twice and very clearly. Using a dog is a good choice. Students love their animals!