Practise a dialogue


I did this  podcastfrancaisfacile dialogue as a warm up exercise with my senior students today. We could listen to the dialogue – twice- and then do our own version of it which referred tot he films we had seen in the last couple of weeks. It was helpful, reinforced vocabulary and made them feel very confident orally. I have a different dialogue ready to go with my year 10s tomorrow. This is a really good way to build up oral skills. Students can also access this site out of class and practise some more. Some dialogues you can download to practice on your own devices.

Learn French

ToLearnFrench is a pretty handy site to know because it has quite a few practical resources – the sorts of things you need to smooth out lessons and learning. This particular link takes you to the dialogue section where you can find dialogue scaffolding so that students can make themed dialogues and use expressions which are authentic. It keeps students on track. You can practice them as an extra to what you are doing or use them to get students to create their own dialogues.