160 dialogues en français

This is such a good idea for building confidence in speaking conversational French. Each slide focuses on one thing and then several slides make a logical conversation. The French is good quality as is the sound and so you can tailor the amount of content to the class you have or the amount of French you can learn in one go. So helpful to hear French in context at normal spoken speed.

Hier matin

This is the first of a trilogy of videos where you hear real French people talking about what they did – yesterday, at the weekend and then what they did on holidays. The third video doesn’t have such good sound but the first two are clear and would reinforce very easily the things you learn and teach in class. Talking about what you did is fundamental to general conversation and how you engage naturally with others.

je me présente


This is a good way to support students in learning French in an authentic way. They can hear the dialogue. They can see it and then they can practise it. The text supports the oral work and skills and so this video is a self contained lesson in how you genuinely communicate with others.

Interactive French resources

je m'appelle Hallo-World has some good online French resources which enable teachers and students to find materials to learn French. There are little cartoons like the one features which present dialogues for practice but there are also plenty of other things like flash cards, theme based lessons for learning basic French, memory games, worksheets. There are plenty of activities to help you master the basics.