Extra French

Nice little series which is spoken at a reasonable pace and has captioning to facilitate understanding. This is suitable for senior secondary students. The videos would take half a lesson and so you could do some extra work around them or change the lesson to something completely different.

Petit déjeuner français

Nothing like hearing real French people talking about their real French breakfast and seeing it at the same time! Miam! Miam! This way you can learn the vocabulary in context. If you are looking for vocabulary for le  petit déjeuner you can find it on francaisfacile.

Les jeux olympiques de Rio en 2016

The video introduces the Rio games very nicely in French so that students will get an idea of the vocabulary. You can find a fiche pédagogique here. If you go on Pinterest and search you will find boards like these ones which will give you plenty of ideas and activities. You can top it off with the official brochure here.

Dimanche : Alice décrit sa maison

This video is great for reinforcing house vocabulary. Nothing special about it but it is clear, straight forward and just what you need to help students understand good French.


Memes for the future

chatWe are learning the futur simple. We made memes of this today to put on our blogs. Such a good way to focus on the futur simple. We also used the saying “quand les poules auront des dents” and made our own version. There are more images  to use for practice on Isabelle Kessadjian’s blog . My students really enjoyed this meme activity. Chat, my favourite cartoon character, just sums it all up!


Quand je serai grand