à Paris

Silia is very easy to listen to and she makes some good videos for Easy French 1. I have chosen this video because Silia introduces us to one of hte world’s most famous cities. We are advertising Adelaide to French speaking people. We are making a brochure and we are going to make a little video as the oral component. This video just might give us some ideas.

How good are you at French?

Needless to say, I got A+ on this! So easy and so pleasant. A great little quiz to help my junior students get off to a happy start in the new term. Nothing like success and short term quick reward to create a positive start to the lesson. This quiz has been well thought out for beginners and those just mastering some language skills in French. French quiz

Boowa et Kwala

Take a trip around the world and practise your French with Boowa and Kwala. They are two cartoon characters who tour the world in their hot air ballon. Each country has a series of simple chapters and each part of the French is read carefully. You can repeat it if you like to get your pronounciation better.

Mots melangés

Mots melangés is a word find site for children with an inbuilt competition. Some students would like the challenge of this and they would all benefit form the vocabulary building skills. Word finds drive me nuts but my students seem to like them and so , from time to time, I give them one and 10 minutes only at a time. They learn the vocabulary well this way. An interactive version might appeal to them more and this site has very clear graphics . You can download programmes elsewhere  too to make your own word finds with custom vocabulary. A good filler activity with sound outcomes. There is another online site here.