Eddie Izzard – Learning French

*** Language alert – “f” word ***

Eddie Izzard is playing to an adult audience in America and the fact he can do this routine incorporating French tells us how much our world had changed and how important it is to become at least bilingual and not only do your brain a favour, but create a bit of cultural togetherness. He makes a good point about how school French can be quite useless in a real context. He does that really well . It is something I ensure I don’t do and the clip has reminded me to keep context and authenticity intact in my class. He has also shown that as a British comedian he is prepared to build on his linguistic knowledge to further develop his career but you can see how well it serves him even in an anglophone context.

Mon application Rappels

RappelsRappels is an iOS application which I run on my MacBook. My MacBook is running in French so Rappels is running in French. I don’t use it as a reminder application. I use it to teach what the students don’t know. When they want to know how to spell or say something I put it in Rappels.  I can then bring up a whole list of what they needed to know . I can then practice it , make a little test, use the vocabulary in some other way. It really helps teaching according to student needs and to have customised , current learning lists.

Comprehensive French language resource

connectigramme It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or teacher of French. Connectigramme is a very well organised site for explaining and teaching everything you wanted to know about French. It is not a fancy site but the resources are clear, useful, usable and thorough. Clarity is everything with language learning and teaching. It is a good revision site and then a good site to get the resources you need to present content clearly.

le futur simple

This video teaches the futur simple very effectively. It is a useful resource for students who have missed the lesson where you explained it to the class.

Why learn French

Why learn French?This assignment was very enthusiastically endorsed by my year 9s. They said it was the best project based learning ever. it gave them a chance to show off the skills and knowledge they had learnt throughout the year and their videos and presentations were very high calibre. They had loved it and they loved seeing what the other presentations were like. This learning just sold itself so I am sharing it with you. I was really impressed with how my French these presentations used and how many tools the students had accessed to create their products.Bear in mind we have done 3 other projects on things like Paris, Quebec and fashion to give them a chance to hone their skills. You can download a copy of the assignment here:

Why learn French 2013?

How to start a conversation

Comme une Française is a site which offers you an opportunity to be more natural with your French. There are plenty of things offered to help you improve and to have the chance to sound more authentic. The video I have posted has proven to be very popular on my Pinterest site, so I am sharing it here now.

Se présenter

Introducing yourself is so important in any language. As you go through the language and learn more, then you need to get past the beginners’ introduction which you always learn. Gautier shows how you can introduce yourself once you have more language behind you. I am going to be using this with my senior students as an oral exercise so that they can learn how to introduce themselves in a more competent fashion now they are older.