se présenter

This is very cute but also very helpful. It is so important to learn how to introduce yourself in any language you learn. It would be one of the things you do most often because you are always meeting people. Once you can introduce yourself , the rest goes a bit more easily in any conversation. We start the new school year this week so all my students will introduce themselves. I also made an animated whiteboard presentation with the Elevator Pitch app on my iPad to help cover the language of introduction.


La météo

la meteoThe site Bonjour de France has some good practice on weather expressions. The expressions are gathered logically and then pronounced.  You can follow it up with some online practice here and here.

je me présente


This is a good way to support students in learning French in an authentic way. They can hear the dialogue. They can see it and then they can practise it. The text supports the oral work and skills and so this video is a self contained lesson in how you genuinely communicate with others.

J’aime les fruits

My Year 8s will sing along quite spontaneously to the Alain Le Lait songs. They are perfect for helping students feel at home in their new language and they remember the words.

Practise your French

The  American train French site has organised and sequential activities to ensure you and your students can get some good practice in French. It centres itself on the sorts of topics our junior students learn. If they have access to devices they could select and train themselves. I use it on my whiteboard and it has been a big success with my younger students. They have improved and they stay focussed . They retain the information because they have got faster at completing sets of activities. bon appetit

Apprendre les mois de l’année

My year 8s (beginners) learn the months very quickly with this video. Last lesson of the day is a good time to find out what works and what doesn’t. They liked it and were happy to pronounce along with it. It made the follow-up easy.