Réchauffement climatique

rechauffement By now we have done quite a lot of work on climate change and my students are managing the vocabulary and expressions well because we keep hearing and seeing them. Memrise, which is is very good online learning site, had a section on Le réchauffement climatique vocabulaire . My students enjoyed doing it on their laptops and getting their little certificates of achievement. They all did it in less than 10 minutes and could then be even more confident as they prepared their written assignments.

le changement climatique

le changement climatique I have just created a Storify on rechauffement climatique so it links to a lot of the online resources and provides a one stop shop to get started with understanding and vocabulary. The videos have been helpful in scaffolding the terminology. This also means I can easily link students to these resources.

Français authentique

Johan has branched out into You Tube and is bringing regular videos to help you learn to understand and speak French more authentically. He has developed some very useful and helpful podcasts which he is still doing but the videos are something else you can add to your repertoire when you are trying to master French. You need some knowledge of the language . They will refresh rusty French as well as increase a better understanding if you have been learning French for a while.

Se présenter

Introducing yourself is so important in any language. As you go through the language and learn more, then you need to get past the beginners’ introduction which you always learn. Gautier shows how you can introduce yourself once you have more language behind you. I am going to be using this with my senior students as an oral exercise so that they can learn how to introduce themselves in a more competent fashion now they are older.

Podcasts for advanced learners

francais authenthiqueJohan may not be a teacher but he certainly knows how to get you involved, get you to understand and to create an atmosphere where you want to learn. He is a father of two and works in the car industry but has a complete commitment to helping others learn to speak French. His podcasts are informative and engaging. They are  personal, professional and based on sound educational principals. His voice is easy to listen to. He understands he needs to speak more slowly and in a way that others will understand. He is very natural. If you have some sound French skills and want to make them even better then I recommend these podcasts.





Français Authentique

Great podcasts

daily french pod Louis is lovely! He speaks clearly, he explains things well and he is personable. This site now has well on its way to 2000 free French podcasts you can download and listen to. That is very generous. I listen to them in my car. New Caledonia is my nearest French speaking nation and that is 12 hours from here and a reasonably expensive trip. Worth it, indeed, but so nice to have the back up of the Daily Frenchpod. It keeps up my accent and current vocabulary. It is a good resource for students with some sound knowledge of French. I haven’t listened to early podcasts so I do not know if they are easier. The site offers other materials and resources which might interest you. The podcasts are also available through podcast aggregators like Banshee on Linux and iTunes. The Daily Frenchpod is making a significant contribution to French learning and is a great resource.

We can all struggle with the subjunctive. This is very helpful.

Toutes Les Couleurs du Ciel

I struggle with french grammar and I have always found it difficult to fully understand the french Subjunctive. This week I’ve been trying to revise it and found the videos and exercises from this website very helpful. Let me know if you’ve found any other good interactive games, quizes or videos on the subjunctive! Here are the videos for all of you trying to learn it too:

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