Pronounce French Wines

You no longer have to stumble and mumble through your pronunciation of  French wines at a restaurant.You no longer have to anglicise the sound to make yourself feel comfortable.This video pronounces the most common wines for you, explains the wine regions and if you are really keen you can practise the 200 odd wines on this video. It’s not just about wines, though. It’s about pronunciation and ease of speaking. Learning how to pronounce wines will automatically help you to master sounds and combinations of sounds in French. If you can get Beaujolais right you won’t have much trouble with il est beau, merci beaucoup, Elle est jolie,  frais, il fait frais. The wine pronunciation will make you more at ease with  your pronunciation in French.

French and Spanish teaching resources is a site I have used in class and the language tools available for French have been very suitable for my high school students. They have learned happily and effectively with them. The site also offers teaching and learning resources for Spanish. It is not unusual these days for people to be working in two languages and learning two similar languages simultaneously. We have a need for multilingual people because of global connections and the internet. French and Spanish are good languages to learn at the same time. One of the things the site offers is a chance to connect globally with other students learning the same language as you are. You can do that as a student or teacher. Teachers, students or classes can make a video and share it with others to help them learn. it is a great opportunity for authentic learning.

Test your French Level

This French test is prepared by the site French avec nous where Pierre and his wife help you to learn French. The You Tube channel supports that site. French avec nous is designed as a site to help English speakers in particular learn French. Pierre also has a site:

Français avec Pierre

which is designed to help those who have already some knowledge of French.

Heureux 1er mai

It’s good to have a video explaining 1er mai. La fête du travail is very special and different .To see all that muguet is surprising and makes you wonder. When you understand it is a lovely way to celebrate then you appreciate more what the French culture is doing for its people. Like Labour Day in Australia it is a public holiday.