Folle, folle ,folle

Great song to do with students when you are doing the weather. Very few words, clear  pronunciation and a tune which has them singing along easily. Une pluine est une petite pluie – that misty rain you get sometimes. The song and lyrics are very atmospheric! You can find the lyrics here.


Aux Champs Elysées

Aux Champs Elysées has been a perennial favourite with my students. They love to sing along. They can when the lyrics are right there in front of them and Joe Dassin sings so clearly. It’s a great way to learn a language naturally.

Papa Wemba

Papa Wemba s’est évanoui après avoir été victime d’un malaise sur scène le 22 avril. Le monde de la musique congolaise est en deuil et est dévasté . Il faisait partie d’une génération de musiciens congolais surnommés “Les rois de la sape.” Il était beaucoup respecté, admiré , aimé et c’est une grosse perte. Repose en paix Papa Wemba , la rumba congolaise perd une de ses plus belles étoiles.



Avoir song


Alain Lelait makes great songs for learning french. This is a good way to get avoir into your head – sing along with it! Easy.


Layanah – Mon étoile

Layanah grew up in Paris and the Antilles and has English and Mauritian origins. This song is cheerful and set in a classroom so quite a good one to be using with my year nines and Layanah fits their bill of liking music which joins different cultures together. Zouk is the style of music from the Caribbean. Easy to listen to and the sort of music which makes you want to dance.  The lyrics for  Mon étoile are here.


Merci Paris


Image: photo-gratis


Vous pouvez juger pour vous-mêmes mais à mon avis quelle réussite! Il faut se réjouir de la vie. Et la musique ? Ça fait du bien.  Cette vidéo fait un carton sur internet. Vous voulez en savoir plus?

Il fait danser les voyageurs.



Peace and Life – ALIIFE

With its cheerfulness and message of hope this cannot fail to be a good choice for the classroom. ALIIFE are influenced by the Korean music scene and singers like Psy with his Gangnam Style. Again they are based in Paris and are widely represented in social media.  There do not appear to be any lyrics I can share with you for this song.