Talking about sport

I’ll be working on sports with the year 10s this coming term. We are in year 10 so we need to be a bit past the just learning vocabulary stage. I want them to be able to talk about sport but we’ll concentrate on 3 – cycling, football and winter sports. This video by A Green Mouse fits the bill in terms of comfortably introducing students to how to talk about sport. The fact it is supported with sub titles in English and text in French is a bonus. I have students who are also learning English as a second language, so the video is  strongly supporting multilingualism . If you do want a list of vocabulary for revision purposes , then there is an Imagiers video here which pronounces each sport very clearly and precisely. I have also found a site with worksheets I can use to look at different sports. I am going to start with the Tour de France because there is a strong interest in it in my class , but the worksheets cover other well known sports events too and we can deconstruct the vocabulary.


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