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flashcard gameI went to Cram to have a look at the site, signed in with my Google ID and in 5 minutes had a flashcard set with two cool game options as part of the learning. Could not believe how easy that was and how much fun. Cram has 108 million flash cards at the moment divided into logical learning areas. The more people add to it, the more choices we shall have. There is a premium version of Cram if you are interested. I am not a big flash card user but I have looked for a long time for a site where I could just make some sets of vocab cards. Repetition is how we memorise and so, with technology, we have to find different ways to get the repetition going. The two games which are part of the learning activities are a nice bonus.

Numbers 50 and up



4 thoughts on “Make cool flashcards

  1. Hello,
    I have been reading your blog and I am very impressed with how useful it is for both teachers and students.
    I’ve noticed that you’re interested in new technologies in language learning
    and teaching, and figured I would introduce you to It is a
    flashcard mobile and website app that provides its users with a number
    of innovative features, such as creating flashcards from a photo,
    creating flashcards with your voice, creating flashcards from a text (in
    just a few seconds you can make a set of words from your favourite
    song, e.g.

    I understand that you are probably very busy, but I promise it will
    only take you a few minutes to have a look. I would be happy to grant
    you access to our language courses so that you can freely explore the
    features of VocApp.
    It would be fantastic if you could share your
    insights concerning our website on your blog or feature the link to
    VocApp in one of your articles.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you for the information and the helpful way you have explained it all. I shall take a look as soon as I can and it is the sort of thing I blog about. Was nice of you to drop by and comment.

      1. I tried out vocapp a bit more. I could only do my list once and then not repeat it. Is that because I am using the free version? I used it in class today. It really supported my teaching and the students learning.

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