I have made my own colourful, animated slide presentations to teach the verb Vouloir

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and  the students don’t mind doing verb conjugations that way. This video by netprof caps it all off and can be used again as revision. The notion of one verb being clearly pronounced and conjugated with its English meaning has been a much better way of getting in some basic practice on verbs.

Play the Astérix game

One of my students found this game and shared it with us. All my students enjoyed the film and some of them will probably enjoy playing the game. You go to the site Astérix et ses amis. As a matter of interest, you can play the game in English French and German. You can find a walk through of the game here.

Astérix – Le Domaine des Dieux

We took our senior French students to see Astérix – Le Domaine des Dieux today at the Adelaide French Film Festival. They loved it and seemed to have done their homework on Astérix films when we were talking to them afterwards. They really appreciated the CGI graphics , the story and a number of them were going to go home to watch other Astérix films so it was well worth the trip. If you understand normal spoken French there is a VLOG critique here which you might appreciate. One of the things mentioned is that it is not particularly a film for children. This does not mean there is anything unsavoury. The humour is more adult. Our students laughed at a lot of the film.  Extracts and information about the film can be found on the allociné site. You can do a little Astérix quiz here.

Go Learn!!


GoLearn offers some useful practice in verb conjugation which you can do straight on your IWB or students could practice by themselves. It’s not fancy, but it is good solid practice with a number of options. If you explore the GoLearn site you will find it has a number of resources you might find helpful to support teaching and learning French.

Christophe ROUSSEL, Pâtissier & Chocolatier, de La Baule à Paris

One of the things students find irrestistible in learning French is finding out how exquisite the patisserie is. This video gives a good insight into the care, the level of expertise and the inspirational creations which come from a patissier in Paris. Don’t watch this if you are hungry!

La maison – vocabulaire


This little video is a different way of teaching house vocabulary because there is a bit of a narrative. Makes a good change because there is so much to learn with housing vocabulary.