Visiter un collège à Grenoble

A nice video to start the year with my younger students at secondary school. The video is all in French but the students would be able to recognise many of the words. They will be able to see a cantine, inside a real French classroom, what a real French timetable looks like and then the inimitable game of babyfoot! It will match very nicely with the topic se présenter.

2 thoughts on “Visiter un collège à Grenoble

  1. I like the video, but turn the French subtitles on and see how bad they are. Laughable really. I wonder how they are done.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that. I had just listened to it. If it is done with one of the miraculous machine translators we are being told is THE answer, they would be laughable and embarrassing. Thank you for alerting us all to that.

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