Caillou le chef cuisinier

I actually used this with my year 8s today. They have had a term of French and most have only started learning it this year. They loved it. We are just starting to learn the names of French food, about French food and we are going to do a project on French cuisine. I played it once just so they could look at it. We had learned the names of fruit and vegetables. The second time I played it I asked them to write down at least 10 things they could recognise an understand. Most of them got 20! Not a bad effort for beginners . They could say the words and they knew what they meant. I did apologise that this was a bit “little” for them but they didn’t seem to mind. It was so helpful there were captions in French because it really helped them to learn . I appreciate the effort of those who produced this to include captions. They do promote literacy.


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