Mon Tour de France

Mon Tour de FranceMy year 8s have given very enthusiastic feedback about last term’s homework assignment. They like going off to discover the world and new things. The work they handed in was done extremely well and they could all reflect at length about how this has helped them and their French. Some of them found it hard to do bits of it but they enjoyed the challenge.  Most have realised they have things to learn when it comes to time management and research. You can download a copy of the file Mon Tour de France.

This is a typical example of student feedback I have been getting:

I thought this year’s Mon Tour de France assignment has really improved my understanding of a wide variety of facts about France. I thought it was really clever how it was set out and how it taught us little things like, different restaurant menus, to things like the different places found in France. In only eight weeks I have learned many things, these include: Information about five different places in France, Many different activities to do in those five places, what kind of accommodation they have, the different types of food found in France, how to convert Australian dollars into Euros and the flight prices from Adelaide to France.

I thought the tasks were also of a wide variety for they taught us many things that in classes we wouldn’t normally learn.

I also liked how we had a whole week for each of our tasks, which put us under lesser pressure and also gave us more time to produce a better presentation. Overall, I thought the concept of this homework assignment was a good way to teach us new things about France and give us an idea of how to plan and organise our time within a set time limit.


2 thoughts on “Mon Tour de France

  1. Great idea! I am thinking about having students do this in their French Blog, perhaps one post per city? A famous French singer from each city could be found and a YouTube video inserted. So many possibilities!

    1. Exactly. I have just added a typical example of student feedback from this assignment. They have loved it and your you tube ideas are getting me thinking!!

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