Portrait chinois

gateau au citron
si j’étais un gâteau, je serais un gâteau au citron

Image: gateau.com

Portrait chinois is a way of finding out about people and their characteristics and likes. In class it’s a good way to teach a really valuable grammatical structure and then some solid vocabulary. It always goes down well. There is a portrait chinois site to assist you which I plan to use next term but today we made our own ones up.

Si j’étais un gâteau , je serais un gâteau au fromage
Si j’étais une chanson , je serais Tu parles trop
Si j’étais une saison je serais l’été
Si j’étais un animal, je serais un chien
Si j’étais une boisson , je serais un petit noir


2 thoughts on “Portrait chinois

    1. My students like doing this and they do need to understand what they are doing. I am pleased you find my site helpful because that is my main aim. Thank you for commenting.

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