French Interview

This is from one of my year 11s. We have to complete an interview as one of the oral components of Stage One French.

Le Caniche Rose

In French we had to do an interview conversation with the teacher about our pretend French exchange. This is part of the SACE course that year 11’s are required to complete in Australia. I found that this task was quite a challenge for me as I am not very confident in speaking French. First we looked into what it would be like to be on exchange and staying with a French family in Paris. We then had to answer questions in French about what certain aspects of our life is like while we are on exchange, like school, family life, visiting monuments and other aspects of French life and culture. We then had to practise what we had written until we could talk about it. We had an interview with our teacher where our teacher asked questions about what it was like being on exchange in France, and we had…

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