iPads in class


Image : My image via befunky.com

I used four French lessons so my year 9s could create a conversation on the iPads. Some used podcasts, some Puppet Pals, some Story Maker, some tried to video it. They had been waiting for their laptops to arrive and it was one way of keeping them going. In the past I have found the iPads to be good in terms of developing oral skills and confidence in students. I was amazed with their enthusiasm, their artistic input , their willingness to work and get it right. When we put their iPads on the board to see their work there was a marked difference with those students who had had a chance to use them before and those who hadn’t in terms of their accent and achievement. We did a review because it it not always about how I interpret the value of something. These are the questions and what became typical responses for the class of 32 students half way through Term 1.

1.How do the iPads help you learn French?
The iPads are exciting and fun to use and you focus more on the French because you want to use the iPads. I found we finished work more quickly and it was better. I was more enthusiastic about learning. The recording helped us practise our pronunciation because we practised the conversation over and over. The were so many good apps to help spell, pronounce and write in French and to translate and understand it.

2.What can you do better next time?
We could practise more before we make our final version.We could find things faster on the iPad.

3. What blocks were there to iPad learning in this classroom?
Sometimes the apps were hard to find. The classroom was noisy and it was hard to record things in the classroom.

4.What was really good about the iPad conversation?

I learn better when I can touch /feel / play with things so I enjoy using the iPads because I learn faster and understand. I really liked all the different things I could do with the apps. It was good to see how different everyone’s conversations were. It was more creative and interesting and fun to watch.


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