Why learn French ?

Image: FPSi Half the world speaks French. It is widely taught and widely spoken. It increases your international connections and knowledge. Elizabeth Caspari ahs a really good slide presentation about why you should learn French. If you are on this blog you could probably add another reason yourself as to why you should learn French. I am impressed with how a number of countries are now producing multilingual children and it has as much to do with their parents as it does their education. We live in a global village and most nations can see that and put it into practice by meeting others half way. You do that by talking their language or finding a way of facilitating communication. One parent interview I did this year we did in French, German and English because I didn’t speak the language of the parents but we could communicate with each other in our shared languages depending upon what we were trying to say. FPSi also has a great deal of useful information about France and some lovely maps – even one on UFO sightings!


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