Qu’est-ce que tu manges?

qu’est-ce que tu manges

This link will download the ppt onto your computer. I was trying out the WordPress uploader.

I had fun with this , this morning. My year 8s have done a lot of work on food by now and so we were trying to keep up the interest and build on it. We practised saying it. We worked out what it meant and we did our own sentences which were like mine. The petit poème at the end is work to come. I’ll give them a chance to make a food poem based on what we have learnt. The danger with this generation of students is they head straight for the translator as a matter of course. I have been trying to unteach that and reteach better skills. They are not necessarily making the connection between what they have learnt and then implementing that into new work like the petit poème. They enjoyed this presentation and were thinking the petit poème was a good challenge.


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