Teach French with iMindMap

iMindMap Our school is fortunate to have access to the iMindMap software. I say fortunate and yet it has been in the school for months and I haven’t tried it. I have used it because someone asked me if I’d help them with it. I said yes. I always make the assumption that I can use software. Once I had loaded it onto my laptop I just started creating something for a current lesson. It’s the only way. Use software to create for your own purposes and you will soon learn it. I press the buttons to see what they do and learn how to undo and delete. I can see this programme has a lot of potential for me as a language teacher since you can create a real focus and then expand on it. Students like well thought out software and this has a good appeal for students visually because it can look really cool. I am in the early learning stages of this software but I plan to look at the tutorials on the iMindMap site and then find videos to help me. I really like the ease with which you can create, the healthy sized image bank and the possibility of creating something where I can visually set what the focus is and how it will unfold. I am certain students would love using this too as long as they have some time to explore its capabilities. iMindMap doesn’t get too cluttered and that is important for teaching and learning effectively.


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