Petits personnages mystérieux

petits personnagesThis year the oral assignment I have done before using the petits personnages took on a new twist with the advent of my student teacher. He came into class with a bag full of styrofoam cups, straws, plastic plates and a jar of eyes. The students’ eyes lit up. Some abandoned what they brought from home in favour of the new goodies. Some still used their things from home , others used a mix and the few who had forgotten were included all of a sudden. The atmosphere was great . They only get 20 minutes to create their creations and then have 10 sentences to introduce their petits personnages mystérieux to the rest of the class. They never have trouble finding the sentences. They never are off task and the beauty of it is they just love it and are proud to introduce their petits personnages. It takes all the pain out of oral work. We have the creations locked up in the drawer for a later assignment. I have to say the jar of eyes was an instant hit and they vanished in no time. I have made a note to myself to ensure I have a jar of eyes available to whip out any time I feel the lesson is waning!


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