Youpi! Mon blog passe au vert.

Mon blog est neutre en carboneImage: Petits gestes écolos Un Blog = Un Arbre -> ma production de carbone est compensée. It is an initiative which was part of a reforestation plan which the German Mach’s Gruen campaign started in 2010 and finished in 2011. It was a straight forward call to bloggers to offset their carbon emissions. Alexander Wissner-Gross PhD and physicist at Harvard University had worked out a blog puts out about 3.6 kg of carbon a year and a tree absorbs about 5kg. I actually believe he would have been far more accurate with his numbers. This sort of easy call to action is something which is achievable. I have a tree planted for each of my blogs and schools could plant trees either on their grounds or as part of a reforestation programme elsewhere to ensure their technology is carbon neutral. With the German programme you sent an email and someone else did the planting. Since that programme has finished and we have nothing similar here I didn’t find it hard to go out and plant my own trees! The trick is to make it easy for everyone.

Il faut adopter une attitude éco-responsable et planter un arbre, c’est facile! Il y a des gestes de tous les jours qui pourront aider.


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