Connect across the globe with Twiducate

gironde There was so much excitement in my year 11 and 12 class today. Finally we had the French classes on Twiducate. It was time to take Twiducate further. I use it to help students formulate ideas, practise their French, give me feed back on what we are doing, but this year I wanted them to branch out and make some authentic connections in a safe environment. I know the teacher. We spent a while working out how we would do this and then we had to wait for my students to get back to the new school year and then her students to get back to class on March 5th in La Gironde. Her students are younger than mine but if today is anything to go by it’s a nice connection to have. My students are on as individuals but we have put hers on as whole classes and then they can write individually within that group. My student teacher and the French teacher are also members of my group. My students were so pleased to find people from France on their class space and then enjoyed reading and responding. Her students are practising their English and we are practising our French. So now we can find out how to develop this kind of asynchronous learning for our students. In terms of motivation it has the thumbs up.


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