Text analysis with Word

Word 2010 commentsI have always known you could comment on docs in Microsoft Word using the comments feature but my attitude was – Yes, and? I could see it might be a useful feature but I couldn’t see how it would be useful to me. I now have a combined year 11 and 12 French class which is doing two different courses so I am turning to technology to help streamline my approach so I can be really effective in a classroom. One of the things we have to do is text analysis. How was I going to do that with only half the time on one year level and then an active class and a passive class at the same time so I can teach the course work for each year level? The comments feature of Word came into my head. Time and place stuff, I guess, and necessity being the mother of invention. My new approach to text analysis with a combined class is to give them a copy of the text in English and then a French one which deals with the same topic but is not the same as the English one. The English text gets them on the right track and then they can tackle the French text and do the analysis. With the French text I use the comments feature of Word to offer a French synonym for a word they might find really difficult or one I would normally explain. I can see this is going to be very handy and I will develop and grow it as a technique as the year goes on. The feedback from my students was very positive and the thing I liked about using the comments feature was it made a nice, tidy looking assignment. comments feature Word 2010. When you go into Word, look along the ribbon/toolbar and find REVIEW. Click on that and you will see NEW COMMENT about a third of the way along the ribbon. Highlight the word or words you wish to address and click on the NEW COMMENT button. A box will pop up to the right of the screen and you can type what you wish in there. Very easy! It prints neatly too if you want a print copy.


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