Who speaks French?

la francophonie On the site for the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie you can get a very nice map with the francophone nations.There is also a game to play. That site always has the most up to date information. Then you can go to The World Speaks French and get some lovely promotional materials to help promote your French language learning.n There is some good information at France this Way. E-zine then has a good article putting it together here. As a teacher it can be a bit hard putting that all together. French is an a official language, it is a second language and then it is a language which has been widely shared across continents. Some times you would not be aware someone is French speaking because they are multilingual and may be using one of their other languages. It can then become further confused by having French speaking nations , francophone nations and then observer nations. Hopefully these sites will help you clarify that. I have yet to find one site where all the information about French speakers is put together accurately and kept up to date.


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