Comic Life

Comic Life I trialled Comic Life last year on my MacBook. The trial version is very fair and you get ample opportunity to see what this programme can do. For that reason our school purchased it to install on the student laptops. it runs on Mac, Windows or iPad. The students really enjoy it once they get into it and their capacity to create and be inventive in French is enhanced. We had just learned the passé composé. We had practised each part of it and we had made sentences along the way. I then decided they could use Comic Life to create a little story using 20 sentences and asked them to focus on the passé composé. Some have taken pictures of themselves on the laptop and are making great little stories. Others have found images and are using those. Others are inventing their own little characters. It is a programme which allows students to develop some good technology skills but it alos allows them to work with teir interests and strengths. The French has been very good. Today I was looking at what the students had chosen to do and I was more than happy with the level and accuracy of their French.


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