ProVoc vocab trainer for Apple

picture of ProVoc capabilities ProVoc is one of the most useful apps I have on my MacBook for teaching new vocabulary and even verb tenses and custom expressions. There is nothing more mind numbing than having to learn a heap of vocabulary like today, when we had to learn all the classroom vocab. It was easier to put it all into ProVoc and run it from the whiteboard. I could add other expressions and then the students found some which were suitable that we could add as well, so they participated in the list making and that made it more interesting for them. We could run through the vocab on screen and then I could set different ways of testing their knowledge and we could even guess ahead to see if we knew the word before it came up on the screen. They love it and they learn vocab and grammar quite easily that way because they are screen students. They have been brought up on screens. I hope someone else will feel the need to further develop ProVoc because it is a must have classroom tool. I fully understand those who have developed it finding that they just don’t have the time anymore. We all have to prioritise. Hopefully someone prioritises into keeping ProVoc current. As it stands it is VERY easy to use.

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