100 adjectives

A not quite perfect list because they forgot to put big for grand but most people would know that and mauvais is bad, il fait mauvais, yes, it means it is bad weather and ensoleillé is sunny. Il y a du soleil -is it is sunny – literally there is some sun. Il pleut means it is raining and the adjective is pluvieux – rainy. The list is very handy though when you are trying to teach adjectives. There is also some good help here on LearnerFrench.com but again some peculiar mistakes like le manteau est noire with an e when it shouldn’t have one and les pantalons has two o’s for some reason. Cliffs Notes never lets you down and has a good section on how to change from masculine to feminine. All these sites are helpful when you can only use a whiteboard as will be the case for me with the class I want to teach these adjectives too.


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