Voki for French orals

I took a risk today because I had really been pushing my year 11s today with their vocabulary for the new assignment, some grammar and aural comprehensions. I needed to lighten it up. I had heard about Voki so I thought we could start a presentation on it and continue with it next week. They have to present themselves in French. Within 30 seconds their were shrieks of excitement and a lot of laughter. Then there was some serious silence, some sharing of tips and techniques and silence. We realised we needed to sign up to get the Vokis in a form we can share as class presentations. So we signed up and they got going. They worked on their French for what they are going to record for the Voki to say and then they had a lot of fun choosing and shaping their Voki. Tuesday next week we’ll really work on it because they are all going to look at the site properly at the weekend. I had NO motivational problems . They all were totally committed to this and I am so glad I took that risk. It meant when we put that on hold and went back to the serious vocabulary development for their summative piece, they were able to fully concentrate again. Try Voki. It looks like it is going to be a great help for learning any language or encouraging language development. It was also clear the students who are a bit shy has the perfect medium for practising their language skills.There is a good educational section on Voki for you to consider.

If you would like to hear an example of our first experience on Voki then go here and I thank the student for allowing me to publish this.

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