Bébé Lilly – Allo Papy

The advantage of Allo Papy is that it is completely modern and totally current. The words to the song are kindly written out under the video. This is so important when you are trying to learn a language. Songs are very powerful for doing that but without the words not much is learned…just an attitude. This song will be great for teaching whether people are there or not there and where they are, for families and for phone conversations. It will also inspire students to make some of their own interesting videos to go with their phone conversations. These are quite hard to teach in class because there is a lot of phone vocabulary in French which students have to remember. The song out to take the burden out of that. That’s the plan, anyway! I am making a slide presentations to go with this to teach some basic vocabulary for presence and absence and then phone vocabulary.


3 thoughts on “Bébé Lilly – Allo Papy

    1. You’ll get things done. My students love this song, really love it. I have to keep playing it! We are all different. Be who you are and work at your pace!

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