French pronunciation games

Maxetom is a site with a number of games which help you and your students learn to read and pronounce French. The sound files are clear and the speaker is excellent. They are not demanding games and so they are the sort of thing I shall use for a bit of a break in class, if I suddenly have to set some quick work and they would be very useful homework practice.It is also a site which I can use on my whiteboard for some sound pronunciation practice. As homework I would expect students to find out what they are actually saying. It would be less brain numbing than setting them exercises to fill in and give them good pronunciation skills as well. Take a look around the site because there are also some games to practice Maths and other languages. Students like to learn languages. Timetable constrictions often mean they fail to choose them. This site would do wonders for improving their attitude to that if they knew they could learn languages so easily!

4 thoughts on “French pronunciation games

  1. Your blog is really awesome. It is informative for french language learner. Children can easily learn French pronunciation from their parents. In that case kids can learn French using flashcards and they will have good command in future for their native French language .

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reward me for my efforts. It’s true – technology has brought us a bit more of a level playing field now with languages. Have a very Merry Christmas.

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