Top Posts

So which posts have been popular on this blog in the last quarter?

1. le Point du Fle
2. The French Food Game – poised ready to knock off number one!
3. Learn French
4. Phineas et Ferb
5. Radio France

Well, that is interesting. Le Point du Fle is a very comprehensive,experienced, professional site with excellent support materials. The next 2 sites are very modest in their presentation but offer some sound learning options. Phineas et Ferb are a huge hit with my year 8s and I offer the 10 minute episodes as a reward but they have to prove to me they are learning French. I have been surprised and delighted with what they can come back with. Radio France offers streaming radio in different categories so visitors to my site obviously just want to hear French and learn like that. That has bearing on why Phineas and Ferb are popular perhaps . Then when it comes to content, people seem to be selecting simple and straight forward or something which is well structured and offers content depth like Le Point du Fle.


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