Visitons un gîte

This site has a lot of information about gites. Most Australians don’t know you can stay in a gîte in France and that it can be a good experience. I make an effort to teach about gîtes. Here is an example of what I do:

Visitons un gîte.

1. Select a gîte in France which seems like the sort of place Australians would stay. Now find a similar place you know of in Australia and create an advert for it in 50 words of good French. Cite your research please.


Vous aimez le sport?
Allons à la ferme!
Situé au bord de la mer. à la campagne
Confortablement équipé pour vous

10 marks

2. Create a one minute video of your stay in the gîte in French. It can be like a tour or you can simply do a web log which might be sent to your French speaking friends. Use iMovie or iChat and record it.

15 marks

3. Write a 150 word journal of your stay at the gîte. It can be in the form of a diary for the one week stay or it can be the account of your best day there.

20 marks


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