The Bonjour free aspect of this site gives you a chance to evaluate some of the easy material offered by the Rocket French Course and other French courses which you pay for. I maintain my own French by going online, using the CD stacker in my car, my DVD player and then my iPod Touch. I have paid for CDs and iTunes downloads to help maintain my French. Technology has comes a long way recently. When you buy a CD you don’t always know what the material is like and how it will be presented. It is good to have a way of evaluating some material before you commit to purchase. In any case this is a good site to help beginners with some basic vocabulary. As a teacher I don’t want to be touting business for people but I can see I am in the perfect position to do that because for my experience and then the number of courses I am familiar with. I still don’t want to do that in a classroom. That said, I have blogged about this site because it does offer you a way of improving your French, firstly through the free material and then if you choose to pay. I signed up for the free 6 day email course and I have to say that delivery of the promised materials is quite quick…and my first lesson has arrived while I have been blogging this!


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