It is always important to have authentic materials to show students. The door hanger can be used to teach commands and then the way a language will say something in a way you do not expect it to. Ne pas déranger is different from learning Ne me dérangez pas and me dérange pas. So one little picture can turn into quite a lesson on negatives, imperatives and reflexive verbs and then formal and informal language. This hotel was completely revamped last into a far more modern hotel, so that door hanger won’t even be used any more so we talk about le tourisme.Sometimes there is someone in the class who can read the Japanese and it’s good for students to see that other countries present information in several languages. Authentic materials give you so much more to teach. This hotel is called Le lagon…so we can talk about what it means, i can show them Le Lagon and un lagon…and we can talk about la mer, l’océan, la plage, le lac. One little door hanger goes a long way!


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