la Ginguette

La Guinguette is another pay site to learn French but it has sufficient material on it for you to be able to judge whether you want to pay for the instruction or not. You can get all 3 levels of French for 55 euros and compared with what you pay for CD courses then it is well priced.Françoise Le Roux edits the site and presumably it is her voice on the sound files and she is very easy to listen to. The site practices the less is more principal ans so everything is very well set out and looks good. It is very easy on the eye and very easy to negotiate. La Guinguette is an open air cafe and I suppose we can go into our virtual open air cafe and enjoy the atmosphere. The material is presented in manageable sections  I doubt there would any sense of being overwhelmed with this course. The material can be loaded onto your MP3 player so it is a very portable course which would make good use of what could be frustrating time on public transport, traffic jams, standing in queues, waiting at the airport.


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