MyngleMyngle is another online learning programme for languages but this one has received plenty of funding and support which tends to suggest it will be a long term and viable option for learning languages. Global support for languages is essential since we have to transmit so much information each minute of the day and the only way to do that is to speak to each other. Most people now are getting the idea they need to be multilingual because the planet is aimed towards global enterprise and marketing and online initiative mean people can work from anywhere in the world but they have to have the communication skills. You can sign up for trials and the Myngle teachers have to go through particular training and testing. The site explains and verifies itself quite well. I would want a bit more interaction with a site like this before I could recommend it in a school situation. Again, it is a paying site but ti has plenty of support for learning your language of choice. I’d like to see places like this offer a mini course to be trialled  first by teachers and then in schools even if they restrict who and when. One of our worst nightmares in schools is online predators and we have to take that seriously, so we need some safe work arounds here for product trial and implementation and maybe our education departments need to be in there vetting courses.


2 thoughts on “Myngle

  1. Also Recommend another site called italki –

    italki is both a social network and a marketplace. The social network helps bring people together to communicate and learn. The marketplace gives students, teachers, and companies the abililty to transact online.


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