Maison de rêve

One of the things my students like to do and love it is create a maison de rêve. With older students we do it as an oral presentation supported by a slide show and the younger ones like to draw their house or create a one or two slide or doc presentation. They also like the collage approach. The aims are to teach them the names of different types of houses, to look at how the French advertise their houses on the market, to learn some in- the- home vocabulary , then to let them dream and use the conditional tense. We look at sites like this one but there are also some very good Canadian sites . We will look at a few houses and already the students are interested! I get them to keep a list of “house” words and have found they learn the vocabulary very quickly. We then do a bit of practice of the conditional and using adjectives. I pop the grammar in between the visual visits and it works like a charm because the students are totally focussed on purpose!


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